Interdisciplinary artist, creator and researcher, director and producer of interactive VR experiences. He works with audiovisual narration, immersive activities, art & science projects, video, interactive film, audiovisual narration, graphic design and visual narrative structures. His current area of interest is mixed reality, gaming engines, activities with 3d and Vr technology and the issue of embodiment. The scope of his research is broad, and his artistic strategy is based on exploring and expanding the boundaries of the medium he is currently working with. Founding member of Inexsistens creative collective, founder of Narration Systems Open Lab, guest lecturer at Speakers Avenue Training Institute, Co-founder of Virtual Occurrences Horizons portal. Leads the author's 3d and Virtual Occurrences II studio located at the Faculty of New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.


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beta tales

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printmaking activities

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black movie


concept: Jakub Wróblewski
project by Inexsistens: Wróblewski | Danowski | Isakov
virtual reality experience | six degrees of freedom | UE
choreographer: Marta Przybysz
mocap support: Bones Studio

Lovestory is an interactive virtual reality experience. Its main idea is the transfer of participant’s body into a virtual body and then a simulation of that presence in said body. The main emphasis of the action is a motion-captured intercourse between real people which builds up the experience. The creators identify the idea of acquiring the body and taking over another being with Tulpa, present in Tibetan mysticism, sometimes used as a synonym of “magical vanity”, “apparition” or “thought-shape”.

The concept behind the script for the experience is derived from the interest in early film adaptations of SF cinema. They represented VR at the time and the transhumanist idea of feelings being virtually connected between two people alongside body structure studies and a possibility of expressing its motor skills through specific aesthetics. The project is a response to a current health situation – the limitation of interpersonal contacts caused by the pandemic and, as a result, causing social contacts to shadow into virtual space.
Love Story public shows:
8-12.06.2022 NewImages Festival, XR Market, Paris, France
15.04.2021, Imagine Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
21.10.2021, Liminal – The Transitional State, Exhibition at Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, Poland
5-17.12.2021 (wy)obcowanie z Vr, Exhibition at Studio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Photos from the mocap session. We have made two kinds of recordings. The first was a simulated intercourse registration – in standard mocap costumes. The second was registered in costumes specifically created for this project, which allowed two people to perform a real lovemaking act.

Photos from the exhibition of the project in the Arsenal Gallery – the display was arranged to correspond to the environment in the virtual space, the speakers organized in a quadrophonic system distributed the signal to the audiosphere in the VR space and extended to the gallery exhibition space.