Interdisciplinary artist, creator and researcher, director and producer of interactive VR experiences. He works with audiovisual narration, immersive activities, art & science projects, video, interactive film, audiovisual narration, graphic design and visual narrative structures. His current area of interest is mixed reality, gaming engines, activities with 3d and Vr technology and the issue of embodiment. The scope of his research is broad, and his artistic strategy is based on exploring and expanding the boundaries of the medium he is currently working with. Founding member of Inexsistens creative collective, founder of Narration Systems Open Lab, guest lecturer at Speakers Avenue Training Institute, Co-founder of Virtual Occurrences Horizons portal. Leads the author's 3d and Virtual Occurrences II studio located at the Faculty of New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.


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Jaśmina Wójcik, Jakub Wróblewski
self agency | March – May 2020 
photogrammetry, render, audio | 10’10”


„Self-examination” is an intimate story, a herstory of causation. Jasmina wójcik speaks in her own voice about her family's experience in coping with pandemic on a micro-scale after making the difficult decision to leave her apartment in a big city, the artist and her loved ones begin a life full of new challenges in a small town, in a house with a garden belonging to her parents. Developing good intergenerational relations, opening up to the natural world (gardening, permaculture, transforming a recreational plot into a useful for people and at the same time environmentally friendly), making the most of one's own resources – these are the activities that the artist and her family undertake on a daily basis, trying to get closer to the idea of self-sufficiency while respecting and supporting non-human beings.

01.06.2020 – 31.12.2020 | Opening: 01.06.2020 / 18:00
Artists: Adelina Cimochowicz, Monika Drozynska, Computer Gallery, Barbara Gryka, Juliana Höschlová, Magdalena Kosek, Daniel Kotowski, Diana Lelonek and Edka Jarzab, Marta Marinska, Rita Müller, Arek Pasożyt, Shukhliada & Photinus Studio School (authors and project developers: Yevhenii Arlov, Anna Ivchenko, Max Nykyforiv, Oleksandr Reznikov, Oleksandr Sirous, Igor Sokolov, Yevhenii Svystun, Dmytro Tentiuk, Taira Umarova, Mykhailo Vybodovskyi; curators of the project: Lera Polianskova, Max Robotov, Ivan Svitlychnyi), Marta Romankiv, Ala Savashevich, Sergey Shabohin, Katya Shadkovska, Jana Shostak, Jasmina Wojcik and Jakub Wróblewski, Weronika Zalewska, Pawel Żukowski | Curators: Katarzyna Różniak, Eliza Urwanowicz-Rojecka