Interdisciplinary artist, creator and researcher, director and producer of interactive VR experiences. He works with audiovisual narration, immersive activities, art & science projects, video, interactive film, audiovisual narration, graphic design and visual narrative structures. His current area of interest is mixed reality, gaming engines, activities with 3d and Vr technology and the issue of embodiment. The scope of his research is broad, and his artistic strategy is based on exploring and expanding the boundaries of the medium he is currently working with. Founding member of Inexsistens creative collective, founder of Narration Systems Open Lab, guest lecturer at Speakers Avenue Training Institute, Co-founder of Virtual Occurrences Horizons portal. Leads the author's 3d and Virtual Occurrences II studio located at the Faculty of New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.


beta talesbeta tales

beta tales

objects | llm | ai
hand of godhand of god

hand of god

ai prototypingai prototyping

ai prototyping

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from Poland with Love
the palacethe palace

the palace

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from 1 to 7from 1 to 7

from 1 to 7

visual / simulation
images + objimages + obj

images + obj



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lovestory | vrlovestory | vr

lovestory | vr

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pat dudek | a milkmaid 4 show


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what ifwhat if

what if

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symfonia fabryki ursussymfonia fabryki ursus

symfonia fabryki ursus

visual narration | preimaging
printmaking activitiesprintmaking activities

printmaking activities

4 channel installation


3d scanning
Notation of printmaking processes, documentation of artists' work.
Marta Banaszak, Andrzej Węcławski, Błażej Ostoja Lniski, Mateusz Dąbrowski.
4-channel video projection, HD, 3:1, 2014


In filmmaking, a process that progresses over time has always been important to me. In such activities I manage to shoot pictures paying immediate attention to the subsequent organization of the footage. When recording a sequence of events, the editing process already takes place when selecting the frame and setting up the camera.


Exhibition at the Salon AkademiiGallery. The films were presented as a four-channel projection.

A separate sound was assigned to each of them.